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     And already a long time we think to the publication of a catalogue which depicts and lists the first cards issued by all the world states, also classifying them in rareness fact.
The motivation is big,  because many fond being there already for time that undertake to collect such first emissions, according to the various technologies and utilizations, the necessity of a catalogue is heard. That allows to reduce the huge difficulties which meet the collectors in "hitting the centre" of the first paper issued by a state.
And that is not easy because if one is not now in possession of specialized catalogues, that been in many there is not, and she has not lived the birth of such cards, the risk is run of collect as first emission a telephone card instead which he is not.
Indeed, many first cards are perfectly identical even if they are second, third, fourth ... emissions.

Irish/Ireland Phonecards

Hi All,

I am a collector of phonecards from around the world. I have lots of Irish phonecards for trade. If you are interested in trading with me please contact me at

If you want to donate cards without exchange you can send them to

Ray Ronan

5 Kilclare Drive

Jobstown, Tallaght

Dublin 24


Appricate any help Thank you


Hello, this is Blahake



To avoid any kind of missunderstanding kindly READ really ALL my "LINKS" really CAREFULY please reading ALL the LINKS will answer ALL questions ----------------------------------------------------------------

PRIORITY WISHES are ALL missing CYPRUS, ALL missing TURKEY; also PRIORITY are missing UK (just trains & planes). Further PRIORITY missing LADIES, missing MILITARY and missing RAILWAYS

Colombian's web

please visit my web


phone cards, notes, coins, books, lottery & more






asian country cards




african cards

hello i m looking for african country cards,any body intrested pls contact me.

Cote des telecartes de France

Un site d'echange de cartes à usage téléphonique

qui vous donne la cote de vos cartes usagées...


  Collection personnelle de télécartes

Bonjour à tous et bienvenue.

Je suis heureux de vous présenter mon site personnel ; entièrement consacré aux télécartes de France Telecom.

Périodiquement de nouvelles cartes sont rajoutées. Et il est possible d'acheter.

Bonne visite sur :



Bonjour à tous,

Depuis de nombreuses années, je suis à la recherche des cinécartes françaises à puce ou à piste magnétique. Ma collection est assez étoffée mais je pense qu'il y a encore de nombreuses choses à découvrir. Si vous possédez des cinécartes ou que vous avez des informations intéressantes, n'hésitez pas contactez-moi.

phonecards used


my name is Sandel Banuta, 42 years old from Romania . my hobby is to collect - exchange phonecards used , in certificated letters .

offer seriosity and fair-play. my webpage is

some of my fave countries are - Serbia, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia, Armenia .

my adress is

mr Sandel Banuta

str Traian 248

Galati 800186

Romania .

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